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FBI ‘Fidelity, bravery and integrity’ gets a nudge from CSUF ad team

‘Rethinkers’: (From left) Dalya Taman, Emily Ransom, Katie Moffett (EVP account coordinator), Professor Robert Sage, Bridget Perez, Nicole Martin and Corey Cafaro pause for a photograph outside the FBI building in Washington, D.C., where they presented a marketing campaign to officials.

A Cal State Fullerton team of advertising students was one of two teams selected to go to Washington, D.C., in December 2008 to present a marketing campaign for the FBI.

The joint education-industry campaign program, with different clients every semester, is sponsored by EdVenture Partners, an organization that establishes partnerships between industries and universities to design, implement and pitch a promotional project to a client, in this case the FBI.

Students in the Advertising Campaigns-Local Focus class impressed the Los Angeles FBI authorities enough so that they recommended the project go forward to FBI headquarters. The Titans were joined in D.C. by a team from New York University.

Six advertising students and the professor, Robert Sage,received an all-expense-paid trip, plus each received $50 “mad money.”

The CSUF campaign was titled, “Rethink,” and included all elements of a professional campaign, i.e., research, creative, promotions, public relations and finance. The team received $2,500 for execution of their plan.

Sage said, “It was a very exciting time. I only wish I could have taken the whole class because they all worked so hard.”

EdVenture was impressed also and asked Sage to participate in the spring 2009 campaign as well. This time the client is the Nissan Cube.

“We did so well we’re going to do it again,” Sage said. “And we are going to Nashville, Tenn., where the Nissan Cube headquarters are.”

“It’s pretty exciting doing this for the school district,” he said noting that his students will be 21 when the new explorations of the moon occur and when a base is built on the moon for a trip to Mars. “They get really excited about it.”

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