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Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Genelle Belmas (Journalism) and Dr. Laura Triplett (Entertainment Studies) presented a paper titled, “Youth Gone Wild: Media Coverage of the Young,” at the National Communications Association conference in San Diego.

Dr. Genelle Belmas(Journalism) coauthored, “Second Class for the Second Time: How the Commercial Speech Doctrine Stigmatizes Commercial Use of Aggregated Public Records,” with attorney Brian Larson in the South Carolina Law Review. It was cited in a Florida brief for the case of Gallon v. Booksmart Enterprises, Inc., on behalf of a college bookstore requesting access to student information under the Florida public records law.

Professor Carolyn Coal (Advertising) was honored by the City of Los Angeles and the GLEH organization for her film and service to the gay community.

Professor Beth Evans (Entertainment Studies) received the Distinguished Service to Journalism Education Award from the Journalism Association of Community Colleges at the state convention in Sacramento in March 2009. She handed out scholarships, which were awarded ini her name.

Dr. Tony Fellow(Journalism), chair of the communications department, was appointed to the AEJMC’s Publications Committee.

Dr. Jackie Frost (RTVF) has a new book, “Cinematography for Directors,” to be released in August. It is designed to help directors learn what cinematographers do. Frost has worked in both slots.

Professor Tim Maloney(RTVF) authored a Random House book titled, “Get Animated!: Creating Professional Cartoon Animation on Your Home computer.” The paperback book is “a clearly written and illustrated guide for the home animator.”

Dr. Irene Matz (Human Communication Studies), communications college associate dean, co-authored an article with K. Brzovic titled, “Students advise Fortune 500 company: designing a problembased learning community,” for the Business Communication Quarterly, and was a co-panelist with J.D. Yergler on “Transforming fallen leaders: Possibility or Fantasy?” at the International Leadership Association conference in Los Angeles.

Dr. Gloria Monti (RTVF) presented a paper title, “Performing Race In and Out of Hollywood: Imitation of Life and Shadows,” and chaired a panel on “Gender, Race and Cultural Constructs in Film” at the Midwest Popular Culture Association/ American Culture Association conference in Cincinnati.

Dr. Heather Osborne- Thompson (RTVF)at spring conferences: “From ‘Reluctant Action Hero’ to ‘Cyborg’: The Return of the Bionic Woman” was presented at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference in Philadelphia; “Wombs for Rent in India: Oprah, ‘Soft’ Journalism and Cultural Diplomacy” was presented at the Console-ing Passions Conference on Feminism and Media at UC Santa Barbara. She also published an article about reality television series featuring female comedians in “Reality TV: Remaking Television Culture.”

Dr. Philippe Perebinossoff (RTVF) was awarded an FEID grant for three units assigned time in spring 2009 for his proposal to enhance media literacy learning on campus.

Drs. Henry Puente (Entertainment Studies) and Dean Kazoleas(Public Relations) presented papers at the Congreso de las Americas in October 2008. Puente’s paper was title, “Marketing and Distribution of La Misma Luna,” and Kazoleas’ was titled, “Lost in Translation: Barriers to International Scholarship and Academic Research Collaboration in North and Latin America.”

Dr. Terry Saenz (Human Communication Studies) was named a Fellow of the Association by the California Speech- Language-Hearing Association, an honor that recognizes those who are significant contributors to the profession as scholars and practitioners.

Dr. Jule Selbo (RTVF) recently published a sequel titled, “Gardner’s Guide to Screenplay: The Rewrite,” which follows her previous book on writing the screenplay. She also had her play “Lake Girls,” accepted at the Ensemble Studio Theatre Oktoberfest of New Plays in New York City.

Dr. Hye-Keung Seung (Human Communications Studies) and a team from Claremont, Old Dominion University, and the University of North Carolina have received a $40,000 annual multiyear grant to study autism among children who are almost nonverbal.

Dr. Andi Stein(Journalism) presented a paper at the midwinter AEJMCA conference titled, “Beyond the Sideshow: The Celebrated Careers of Daisy and Violet Hilton.” They were the Siamese twins who became Vaudeville superstars in the 19390s despite the fact that they were conjoined.

Dr. Andi Stein (Journalism) and Professor Beth Evans (Broadcast Journalism) recently authored “Introduction to Entertainment Studies,” which will serve as the textbook for the beginning entertainment studies course.

Dr. Laura Triplett(Entertainment Studies) was quoted in the October 2008 issue of Glamour magazine and will be quoted again in a feature in the March 2009 issue. The feature focuses on the differing social treatments of overweight women v. overweight men. Also, she was a panel participant on the same subject at the University of Kansas in October 2008. Triplett is head of the entertainment studies concentration.

Dr. Ying-Chiao Tsao (Human Communication Studies) is busy receiving grants: She received a Faculty Development Center Intramural Grant for Faculty Enhancement and Instructional Development, an International Research Travel Grant of $800, and Instructional Related Activities funding from ASI to establish an on-line fluency Web site.

Dr. Toya Wyatt (Human Communication Studies) received the coveted Diversity Award from the California Speech-Language- Hearing Association at its annual convention March 7 in Long Beach.

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