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 Procomm Spring 2011  News Brief
Comm Dept passes accrediting litmus test
Ken Hagihara received his commission
CSUF Media Institute in Florence, Italy
The Daily Titan : a Gold Medalist
Radio-TV-Film was awarded scholarships
Reaching Out to School-based Therapists
Daily Titan advertising production staff
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The College of Communications is committed to advancing a democratic society by preparing students to function in a wide variety of communication professions. With a strong tradition in the liberal arts and social sciences, the academic programs of the College share a common theoretical base which identifies the elements of human communication and principles governing their use in all communicative processes essential to society, namely, the spoken and written word and visual images.

William Briggs, Dean, College of Communications
Anthony Fellow, Chair, Department of Communications
Jule Selbo, Chair, Department of Radio-TV-Film
John Reinard, Chair, Department of Human Communication Studies jreinard@fullerton.edu

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Dr. Stella Ting-Toomey: Outstanding Professor Award
Radio-TV-Fill students finalists
Abrego tells it as it REALLY is
Wannabe rock'star' finds a home
Stutter center gets financial boost
Glitz, glamour, galas
New Faculty Member
Ad man conducts research
Exchange program underway with South Korea Institute

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